Meet Belinda
Eco Worrior

I am (among other things) a wife and a mumma of an active little boy and pup – Marlie girl. I am fortunate to live on a couple of acres surrounded by bush and beaches and amextremely grateful for this everyday. I am currently undertaking studies in Yogalates and want to share this with others to help reconnect with ourselves; which is so important in our crazy busy world.

I love anything homemade, artisan and natural. I simply adore sharing anything of this nature with my friends and family.

I am really in my element when I’m in the kitchen experimenting with our home grown seasonal fruit and veg (preferably without the slugs) through activating, fermenting and sprouting. Although I must admit, chocolate alchemy has my heart.

My ultimate way to spend time is having cuddles and giggles with my son, however a cup of tea, homemade chocolate & the Peppermint magazine comes a close second.

Most of us want to live naturally and know that we are doing our best for ourselves in what we choose to put in, on and surround ourselves with. There are so many products out there that claim to be natural and safe for our families, however the reality is often not so.

Through my own family’s health issues, I became an avid researcher so I could make educated decisions and feel empowered in creating a natural environment for us to thrive and regain our health.

I wanted create a natural, happy, healthy home for us and now to also help others do the same. For those that do not have the time or wish to research the best options available for living a low tox life, then hopefully I may be able to provide you with practical information and products that we as a family use in our home.

I didn’t want to be another natural living store with oodles of options just for one product, so my aim is to provide one, or two for when the cash flow is limited and need a “back up” or are just beginning on your holistic health journey.

I envisage for this to be a boutique eco store providing home staples and necessities from companies whose ethos is in line with ours; organic, ethical, sustainable and supporting small Australian companies wherever possible.